Muse Silk Lash Extensions Eyelash Volume/6D

Muse Silk Lash Extensions

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  • MUSE Extended Lashes was born out of passionate, enthusiastic lash technicians, pursuing extremely high standard eyelash extension products.
  • Precisely manufactured from the highest PBT materials, MUSE Extended Lashes boast a deep, rich black colour and semi-matte finish.
  • MUSE Extended Lashes has been crafted from the industry’s most experienced craftsmen, who have added 15% more lashes on each row.
  • All MUSE Extended Lashes have been hand curled to achieve perfect smooth curls.
  • The variation between each lash row has been limited to the minimum.
  • A brand new non-stick tape has been introduced to make sure lashes are free of glue after detaching from tape.
  • All MUSE Extended Lashes have been double treated for amazing curl retention.


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