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Gel Eye Patch (Lint Free)

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  • This eye patch is designed with Flex-Form technology to create a custom fit for all different eye shapes and sizes
  • It has an updated formulation that creates a surface that re-positions with ease, contours around the eye, and still holds firmly in place throughout the application process
  • Professionals love these patches because of their ease to work with and the time saved from prepping the eye
  • These lint-free patches have a smooth, coated back and will not shed lint that can interfere with lash application
  • It is a hassle free application
  • These dual purpose gel patches are used to prep the eye and effectively cover the lower lashes while delivering a refreshing, hydrating treatment and brightens the under eye area
  • These eyelash patches are not only great for the procedure but also a relaxing spa experience for your clients
  • The Vitamin E coats and protects the sensitive under eye area while Allantoin, Aloe and Glycerin condition and moisturise
  • Even though these were designed for eyelash extensions, it can also be used during facials, eyelash perming, and eyelash tinting
  • Each pair is individually wrapped in foil packaging.


Peel slowly and place under the eye for 1-2 hours during the eyelash procedures. Avoid placing the sticker too close to the eye. The sticker should be placed over the lower lashes, about 3-4 millimetres from the lower lash line. Check lids from below to ensure upper and lower lids form a seal with no gaps.


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