Eyelash Extension Coating Mascara Sealer 10Ml Care Products

Eyelash Extension Coating Mascara Sealer 10ml

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  • Excellent Lash Coating Essence was created to nourish damaged eyelashes due to the frequent use of mascaras and eyelash extensions.
  • It promotes eyelash growth, maintaining it's strength and elasticity.
  • It contains Nettle extract, which makes eyelashes softer and voluminous.
  • It also features a natural Witch Hazel extract, preventing irritation around the eyes and skin troubles.
  • The collagen provides the eyelashes with a natural, glossed appearance.


Apply Lash Coating Essence with built-in brush. When putting on makeup, it's recommend to wait 1-3 minutes, for the product to be absorbed into the eyelashes.

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