Banana Volume Lash Extensions Mink Eyelash Volume/6D

Banana Volume Lash Extensions Mink

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  • Professional lashes. Banana Lashes are made of premium PBT fiber which has very flexible form, ultra light weight and shiny surface.
  • Also with our exclusive study, we created the best eyelashes with very even curl, thickness and length.
  • These various dimension allows you to create unique attractive eyelashes.
  • Banana Lash tray lash is suitable for the quick and accurate eyelash extension as it is well organised onto a tray.
  • You can see the even curl and thickness and length at once as they are in a row.
  • Lashes are lighter and more flexible than conventional synthetic lashes.
  • These individual synthetic lashes are high gloss, curled and tapered to perfection and will give your clients and soft, natural look.
  • They are easier to apply than regular eyelash extension. 


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