Noir Volume Lotus Lashes Mix Eyelash Volume/6D

NOIR Volume Lotus Lashes Mix

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  • A&K Beauty Room  is proud to present our exciting new line of special edition Noir LOTUS Volume Lashes, an exquisite innovation, brand new to the industry.
  • The new Noir LOTUS Volume Lashes inherit all the great features of our ever popular classic Noir lashes - their ultra-light weight, classic superior curl retention, and our iconic radiant jet-black sheen.
  • The new special edition Noir LOTUS Volume Lashes not only deliver a consistent, full volume effect, but are also designed to give a further improved finish, both in terms of texture and fluffiness.
  • The secret behind our new innovation lies in the way the extensions are assembled in the packaging: rather than having one single length of lashes on each row, the new Noir LOTUS Volume Lashes has 3 different lengths in a pre-designed sequence.
  • Extensions labelled as ‘12mm’, for example, will have a combination of 10mm, 11mm and 12mm on the same row. .
  • In using the same skill to pick up these lashes, the resulting effect will be a fan comprising of lashes of varying lengths, the combination of which will allow you to tailor the look of your client’s eyelashes.


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